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Power Here, Power There: Only Zeus Could Move Electricity Better!

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Zeus was the all-powerful head god of the Greeks. He was master of lightning bolts and could throw them anywhere he chose. That much electrical power striking at random certainly seemed like an act of the gods to the Greeks. If you want just a small taste of what it is like to be Zeus, try the following.

Electrical Transfer Switches

Okay, so you have electrical current at several thousands of volts moving at the speed of light through a power station. The power begins to brown-out or black-out due to the fact that it is summer, and the city has thousands of air conditioners consuming power. What do you do? You use electrical transfer switches to shut off power to this area or that area and transfer the power to another area. The switches help conserve power while attempting to maintain enough power to fill supply and demand and prevent brown-outs or blackouts. (How does that feel, to throw a switch and send power just about anywhere?)

Train Track Switches

Subway trains and even many of today's regular trains operate on electricity. The tracks that they use also use electricity to switch the trains over from one set of tracks to another. The manual power it takes to throw these track switches is extreme. Sometimes two or three people all at once have to push and pull the enormous switches ahead of the train's arrival to get the tracks to move. You almost need the muscle power of a Greek god to make it happen.


Industrial generators help produce so much electricity that only lightning bolts can beat the voltage. There are special switches connected to generator power and fuse boxes that help signal generators when power is lost. Additionally, when the power turns back on, the switches signal the generators to turn off.

Some of these switches are automatic, extending the control over all of that magnificent power to you. Of course, if you have those kinds of switches and generators in your industrial setting, you have to stand guard and be quick to make those switches. Otherwise, you could suffer some major electrical damage to the building's electrical systems. You could also experience some of that raw power yourself, purely by accident.

Can You Feel It?

Did you feel it? When you switched power from one point to another, you probably felt a little bit of that surge. For one small second, you got to be Zeus.

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