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Things To Think About When Installing EV Charging Stations

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More car owners than ever are making the investment in electric vehicles. When you're ready to buy one, you need to consider your options for charging stations. If you own your home, you may find that it is worth the investment for you to have a charging station installed at your home. Before you do, there are some important elements that you need to think about.

Which Style Of Charging Station Do You Want?

There are a few different styles of electric vehicle charging stations. While one of those is a commercial station, two of them are popular for residential installations. The standard residential charger connects to the standard household power line. You'll get a charge of a few miles for each hour that it's charging.

Alternatively, the 240v charging station will charge your car much faster. You will need to have an electrician ensure that you have the capacity in your 240v circuit, or they might have to install an additional circuit for the charging station.

Where Will You Put The Charging Station?

You might opt to install your charging station in your garage, or it may be more reasonable to install it along your driveway. Remember that where you install the charger directly affects where you will park your car. Make sure that you choose an installation location that's within proximity of a practical parking spot for your vehicle. After all, the charging station doesn't help you if you can't get the cord to reach the car for charging purposes. Your installer will help you explore the options for charging cable lengths.

If you are installing your charging station outside, talk with the installation contractor about a model that's weatherproof. Otherwise, you'll want to install an enclosure to protect it from the elements. You should also ask about security measures so that you have a way to keep your charging station secure from unauthorized use. Remember that you pay for the electricity used by your charging station, so you want to regulate the use of that station accordingly.

These are just a few of the things that you need to think about before you install an electric vehicle charging station on your property. Talk with an installation contractor about the right charging station for your personal needs, including the one that suits your car as well as meeting your needs for timing, charging capacity, and general access. The more information you have, the easier it is to ensure that you get the right charging station.

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