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3 Tips For Preparing For A Snowstorm When You Have Propane Heat

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Propane heat has a lot of benefits for those who live in cold weather clients. For example, if there is a snowstorm coming your way, you might feel peace of mind in knowing that you will still be able to keep your home and family nice and warm, even if the electricity goes out. However, you shouldn't take your propane heat for granted when you are facing a serious winter storm. These are a few helpful, essential tips for preparing for a snowstorm when you have propane heat.

1. Mark Your Tank

You don't know how long the snow will stick around, so it's important to ensure that your tank can be found in case it needs to be refilled before the snow melts. This is especially important if you have an underground tank, but it is important if you have an above-ground tank and think that conditions might result in heavy snowfall. This is easy to do—just grab a tall stake, spray paint it with a brightly-colored paint, and use it to mark where your propane tank is located.

2. Have Your Propane Tank Filled Up

It is better to have your propane tank filled now rather than later if you are expecting a snowstorm. The weather conditions in your area might get bad enough that your delivery driver is unable to make deliveries, or others could use more propane than usual and could run out, resulting in long wait times for your delivery.

3. Add a Protective Dome

If you do not have one already, you should consider investing in a protective dome for your propane tank. This dome is designed to cover up certain parts, such as the regulator and valves. Basically, you have to worry about snow melting and water getting in and around these parts and freezing up and causing problems. A protective dome will help shield these parts from the snow and will keep them safe, so ask your propane supplier if he or she can bring one out when you have your pre-storm delivery, or stop by a home improvement store to pick one up.

Having propane heat can be a lifesaver during a big snowstorm, but you do still have to prepare for the storm if you want to avoid problems. As long as you take these three steps before the storm hits, however, you should not have anything to worry about. For more information, contact companies like Anderson's Propane.